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Rug Remnants | Buy a Carpet Remnant

From the time that human recognized himself and needed the necessities of everyday life, man was thinking of having a product to protect him from the cold and the hardness of the earth. . Wool and animal hair, such as sheep and goats, were the first human findings to meet this need, and subsequently the skin of these animals was the first substrate, or in other words, the carpet. Following a transformation in life, he learned that he can create a thicker, warmer subtlety under the name of a fiber by combining and squeezing the wool fibers. Among the carpets, the oldest finds belong to about five centuries BC. Rug remnants can find in Iran. 

Rug Remnants | Buy a Carpet Remnant

How do you use a carpet remnant as a rug?

How do you use a carpet remnant as a rug?Using carpet waste, these industries are made of magnetic polymer adsorbents and their effectiveness in removing heavy metal and metal from aqueous solution has been investigated. They have used carpet remnants to produce some kinds of nano-adsorbents that can remove contaminants from the water. Since the bulk of the raw material used to synthesize these nano-adsorbents comes from carpet industry waste, it can be said that the cost of these nano-adsorbents is relatively low. In addition, the use of waste causes the concern to eliminate these lesions as well. Synthesized nanoparticles in this design can be retrieved and reused after use with magnetic properties. You can buy carpet remnants from the factories that are producing machine made carpets. Designer carpet remnants, They try different methods to use these carpet remnants and waste and fortunately in recent years they found some methods for their using.  

What kind of carpet should we get?

What kind of carpet should we get?Wool has become a unique fiber for human beings. Wool handmade carpets have always been popular for many benefits. The story and history of wool began from the Stone Age, about 10,000 years ago, at which time no other material could match the durability and durability with wool. Woolen fibers act like sponge and allow moisture to pass through without being absorbed. In addition to being rapidly dry, wool also prevents bacterial growth and breeding. It is better to use handmade carpets in your homes. Handmade carpets are so beautiful and they have also too many benefits for your body health. Handmade carpets do not cause any allergies because they are woven from natural fibers. The handmade carpet is a noble and artistic product, and it is not correct to compare it with a machine made carpet that is merely a seemingly similar product for floor coverings, which is basically an advantage rather than a cheaper price.

What kind of carpet is good for high traffic areas?

What kind of carpet is good for high traffic areas?Obviously, the durability and useful life of not only the carpet, which each product depends on the conditions of storage and use. But generally, natural fibers such as wool, linen (cotton yarn) and silk have a higher durability and durability than synthetic fibers, and therefore, compared with car mats, you can spend more years on your handmade carpet. You will probably see old and antique hand-woven carpets in the palace of museums and old buildings, which, after generations, continue to maintain their beauty, in addition to maintaining their beauty. The handmade carpets are good for high traffic areas because they are resistant and their useful life is longer. 

What is the most durable carpet?

What is the most durable carpet?Although in recent years, with the advancement of technology, some carpet manufacturers use unbleached fibers, but natural handmade carpets are still better for human health, especially for children. As it was mentioned above, in the global market you can find different types of carpets. The handmade carpets are more durable than other carpets such as machine made carpets due to the natural fibers that used in their production. Handmade carpets are also so beautiful and it can multiply the beauty of the environment. 

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