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Plain carpet texture | Carpet Texture & Styles

What space do we use in carpet?

  • For interior designers, carpets are the perfect choice for those who seek to create a sense or add visual beauty to the home. Color and texture and design can add warmth, charm and character to your space. In addition, carpets can be soundproofed and reduce echo and noise of furniture.
  • It is advisable not to use carpet in the entrance corridor and the spacious spaces that take place there. Better choices in these spaces are more durable materials, such as wooden floorings, which can be combined with Beauty rugged rugs.
  • If you step in the interior of your house, carpeting can lower the glide and fall of the stairs. Particularly if your child is young, this can increase the security of your home space. In the Rest of area like the bedroom, carpet can bring you warmth and comfort.

plain carpet texture will affect on the price of carpets.

Plain carpet texture | Carpet Texture & Styles

various types of carpet textures

various types of carpet texturescarpet texture design has different types and models that are as follows:

Thick carpets: This type of carpets is suitable for people who want a comfortable home. In addition, having such a carpet for cold areas is also highly recommended, because it significantly preserves the heat at home. It can be said that the thickness of some of these types of carpets is so high that it makes it look like machine rugs.

Match carpets: This type of carpets is the oldest carpet generation that still has its own fans. The most important feature of this kind of carpets is their affordable and cheap price. Other features of this type of carpets are the low diameter and roughness of most of them, which may also reduce the comfort of match carpets.

Patterned carpets: These types of carpets have different types, which are usually classic or modern designs that have a special order in their texture, shaping the Different types of these types of carpets. This type of carpets also has many fans and can be used in addition to the home for other spaces such as meeting halls, large lobbies, or hallways of hotels and amphitheaters.

modern carpet texture

modern carpet textureThe fiber is the same as the main texture of the carpet, the types of types of carpet texture are as follows:

  • Woolen fibers: Woolen fibers are the most expensive fiber types. These fibers are also soft in addition to long life and nature-friendly, but they have High cost to make carpets made of these types of fibers.
  • Nylon fibers: The most durable type of carpet fiber are nylon fibers that are both soft and have a great variety of designs and colors. It should be noted that these types of fibers are susceptible to dirt, but it’s easy to clean them.
  • Polyester Fibers: Carpets made of polyester have many advantages. These carpets have the Suitable price for a variety of designs.

The texture of modern carpets  is different with old carpets. These carpets have a soft texture. In addition to the soft texture of modern carpets, they also have a lighter weight.

This modern carpet is suitable for families with children because they have more security and no harm to your baby.

best stylish texture of plain carpets

best stylish texture of plain carpetsThe best type of carpet is silk and woolen carpets.

These carpets have an incredible variety and you can match your desired carpet with your home.

Buying and selling these carpets is less, because the price of these carpets is more expensive and customers always choose cheap carpets.

Whether for you, quality or price? If you care about quality, we offer you wool and silk carpets. These carpets have a lot of durability.

advantages of using plain carpets in home decoration

advantages of using plain carpets in home decorationadvantages of using plain carpets in home decoration is possible to adapt them with the simplest decorations. One of the benefits of these carpets is that it is well-suited to any taste and gives a beautiful gift to your home.

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