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Cheap Carpet Rolls | buy Cheap Carpet Online

Cheap Carpet Rolls

What is a carpet carpenter?

Maybe you’ve heard the name of the carpenter’s carpet or sidewalk. Even if you are not familiar with this name, you’ve probably seen this carpet. Runner Carpet Carpets are carpets that are specifically designed for use in corridors and stairways (especially for public spaces such as hotels, etc.) and are available. The use of carpet carpets to cover stairs and corridors in Iran is also very common and has been widely used in the past. You will also see red carpet carpets with a white or black border, which is one of the most traditional staircase covers in Iran.

Cheap Carpet Rolls | buy Cheap Carpet Online

What are carpet roll ends?

What are carpet roll ends?

Usage of carpet carpets

The main use of carpenter carpets in the corridors and stairs. Roller carpets are roller carpets that are produced at least 1 meter in length and vary in lengths (rolled). These carpets are used both in interior and exterior spaces.

Carpet Runner as a corridor cover and interface spaces

The greatest use of runner carpets in the corridor and interfaces occurs. The production of these carpets in the long run will make them an excellent option for covering the corridors or guiding paths of the people. Some of the carpet carpets cover the corridor across the corridor, which contributes to the visual enhancement of the corridor and the direction of travel. Another use of Carpet Runner is the use of this carpet as a link between two different spaces. With these carpets, two distinct spaces can be interconnected visually, creating a link between the two.

How much are carpets?

How much are carpets?buy Cheap Carpet

Carpet Runner as a staircase cover

The use of walker carpets also has many fans. Runners are sometimes installed on the staircase alone and sometimes along the corridor carpets. Runners that are mounted on the staircase are generally provided with a width less than the width of the staircase, so that the margin of the floor is also seen on the side of the carpet and the beauty of the work increases. Runner mounts mounted on the staircase sometimes Extending from the same layout to the corridors, pedestals or the main space, they sometimes have a completely different design to show a change in space or change in the function of the space. Sometimes, to make the pavement carpets stained on the stairs and also to increase The durability of these carpets is used on the staircase from staples or stainless steel stairs, bronze and the stairs.

Carpet runners in other spaces

Runner carpets are used in other spaces such as kitchens, library corridors, exterior spaces, or in the pursuit of ceremonies such as red carpets, etc. The type of carpet as well as the design and color of the carpeting used varies depending on its application or its size, but the important thing is that the carpet carpet will open your hand for great use and you can easily use it. And, by changing the decor, change the carpets to your taste.

How long is a full roll of carpet?

How long is a full roll of carpet?cheap carpet roll ends

What is the standard width of carpet?

One of the most important questions for carpet buyers, regardless of the color and layout of the carpet, is the dimensions and standard size of the carpet. The dimensions and standard size of the carpet (standard width of the carpet), in addition to the effect of the carpet consumption for consumers, has a direct impact on how the carpet can be rolled up.

What is the standard dimension of carpet?

To answer this question, first we need to determine the carpet type in terms of shape. Carpets are produced in two dimensions in size and size.

What widths do carpet rolls come in?

What widths do carpet rolls come in?carpet remnants

1- Rolling carpets

Carpets made in the form of rolls are carpets that are manufactured in a constant width in the factory and are available in roller coats and in variable lengths. The standard width of carpet roll for carpets produced in Iran is typically 3 meters. Of course, some factories produce carpets in other widths.

2-Tile carpets

Carpet Tile, also referred to as modular carpet, is a kind of carpet that is made in small and separate pieces. The standard dimensions of the Tyler carpet are square in different sizes. Tile’s non-square shapes have varied and varied dimensions and sizes that can be very unique in terms of the carpeting and the manufacturer’s design. For example, some factories have made carpets in particle sizes similar.

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