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Carpets And Rugs| Best Iranian carpets With Affordable Prices

The Arabic word Carpets And Rugs means earth, but in Persian it has concepts such as extension, flooring   According to the above definitions such as carpet, wool, zilo, carpet and handmade carpet can be considered.  Read more about the types of carpets and their specifications for decorative uses and home decoration.

Carpets And Rugs| Best Iranian carpets With Affordable Prices

What is the difference between a mat and a rug?

What is the difference between a mat and a rug?A mattress is a soft layer of wool or cotton that rests on the floor or on a bed for the comfort of a person’s sleep, so that it covers the whole body.  Be composed of cotton, foam, etc.  Or it is made of a metal frame and accordingly the types of mattresses are of two types:

  • Simple mattress
  • Spring mattress

Also, materials inside the mattress may also be filled by air or water.Early mattresses include a variety of natural materials such as straw, feathers or horse hair.  In the first half of the 5th century, a typical mattress sold in North America was either a kernel or batten.  Modern mattresses usually include either inner spring cores or materials such as latex, viscoelastic or other flexible polyurethane foams; and other high-end accessories include an over-coil insulation pad that laminates upholstery, and polyester bedding.  It prevents the bed in the upholstery layers.  In the year 6 James Marshall introduced the first separate spring coil hole wrapping is now commonly known as the Marshall Coil.  The mattress may also be filled with air or water, or all kinds of natural fibers, including the door but Carpet or rug is a type of woven cotton, wool, and in some cases silk, commonly used to cover the ground.  It is called woven and knotted carpet.  Since carpets and rugs have always been beautifully carved, today’s decorative aspect is also considered.  Kashan has been designated as the Capital of the World Carpet since the 2nd year onwards, and this lasting work has been registered in UNESCO’s Tangible Heritage .The rug is spread on the floor and covers the floor and is for sitting on it, but the mattress is spread on the rug and is for sleeping or resting on it.The best area rugs we are iran rugs .

Is rug and carpet the same?

Is rug and carpet the same?Most people, and even some professionals, consider the carpet to be the same rug, while the rug is a texture that can be worn and sat on, but the rug is one-sided, fluffy, knotted and woven.  Its texture goes back to the Achaemenid era and its origin is Iran. So, by defining the two terms, we realized the difference between a rug and a rug, and we found that any extension can be called a rug but not every rug.  In addition to rugs, carpets also include floor mats, there are about 5 types of hand-woven that are widely used and are a type of carpet.   are all types of rugs.The carpet has three main characteristics; all carpets are woven and woven, they have lint and the lint is tied around the web.  Depending on the type of materials used, the carpet is divided into three categories: wool, silk, silk, silk and perch.  The price of a rug depends on the quality of the texture, the quality of the yarn and the weft, the complexity and beauty of the role and design, the consistency of the map colors, the amount of natural colors used.types of carpets and rugs There are two types, one a handheld wiki machine.

How can I clean my area rug at home?

How can I clean my area rug at home?One important thing to keep in mind when washing carpets at home is to save water first and adhere to the principles of properly lifting heavy-duty carpets.

Tub the carpets:Some have the habit of folding the rugs in place and moving them to where they want to be washed, but remember that high-density hand and machine rugs should not be folded, as the folds remain fractured on the rug,  Also reduces.  The best and easiest way to transfer a carpet is to pipe it.  It is not difficult to fold low density rugs.

Cover the rug completely:Before rubbing the carpet where you want it to be washed, it is best to clean the carpet with a hose to remove any dirt or dirt.  Then flatten the carpet as you would at home.  At this point it is not important which side the carpet sleeps in, as the rugs soften when washing. Don’t forget the carpeting:Now it’s time to.  When rubbing and cleaning the carpet, lighten and whiten the portions of the carpet and continue working.  After brushing and producing a lot of flooring, if you want to make your angel cleaner, it is best to move the floor over the carpet several times to do exactly what the washing machine does with the clothes, with the difference that the floors are moved, not the fabrics.  Finally, with the shovel, guide these floors out of the carpet.  Water the carpet again to get rid of the floor.  If you want your angel to shine, you can wash it again with a dishwasher at this point.  Using softening shampoos will also soften your carpet.

Draw water and level;When washing the carpet, the first and last rinse is very important.  When the wash is finished, re-apply the water hose up and down the carpet to completely remove the floor.  But you can do this by removing the floors and lightening the carpet and, of course, saving water.  Water retention in the carpets, especially high-density carpets, will cause yellow water or discoloration of parts of it.  Tube the carpet for 1 or 2 people.  At this point, you can also hold the water at a low pressure on the back of the tubing so that it does not enter.  Throw the carpet on a ramp after piping to remove excess water completely.

Better in the sun: Before rubbing the carpet for drying, you should also clean the area to avoid dust and contamination.  If you throw the carpet in the sun, it is better in several ways.  First, your angel will dry faster and not smell, and second, it will disinfect.  If the carpet does not dry well, it will smell and bother you for a few days. As soon as you feel the rug completely fold up from the side and back dry. Too much carpet staying in the sun will have a negative effect on its color.

Which countries have best carpets in the world

Which countries have best carpets in the worldGlimmers are manufactured in many countries around the world, but only a limited number of them have been able to design their own glimmers and carpets with the characteristics of a good glimmers such as quality, durability, high number of knots, high quality fibers, design and color choices.  Export to other countries and employ many people in this way.Commercialization of the rug and carpet industry first took place in the UK and then rapidly expanded elsewhere.  In addition to being used to cover the ground, carpets have today become a home-decorating device with the use of creativity and art and have painted not only the ground but also the of homes with landscaped designs.  Countries engaged in carpet production are constantly striving to beautify this industry by portraying a part of their history or culture and taking advantage of nature and the space around design.India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, China, Turkey, Belgium, Egypt and Tibet are among the countries that produce the best rugs.rug and carpet definition It is said to be used to cover the ground as well as to decorate it.

Best carpet facatories in the world

Best carpet facatories in the worldWith the increasing production of carpets in different designs and colors with beautiful combs and densities it is very difficult to choose a good carpet because many companies in many cities such as Tabriz, Kashan and Mashhad …  They work.We can definitely say that the best carpet in Iran is Kashan carpet and Kashan carpets are very popular among the people.Kashan has always been the main hub for carpet production in Iran.Kashan Carpet is not a company or brand name but a collection of famous and reputable companies and brands in Kashan.They are active in the production of quality rugs, it is carpets for interiors Iranian carpets are the most sought after Shah Abbasi design.

Why Iranian carpets and rugs are so expensive?

Why Iranian carpets and rugs are so expensive?Carpet experts believe the artistic value of a rug or rug depends on the map, the amount of natural colors used and the harmony of these colors, but the price of a rug or rug depends more on the map and color, its yarn, its weft and lint.  Its microfibre and magnetite are related.Factors affecting carpet prices include:

Material of fibers used in carpet:One of the most important factor in determining the price of carpet is the fiber used.  Nowadays, different types of fabrics are used for carpet weaving, including acrylic, polyester, BCF, etc., each with different prices.  Machine-made carpets are tailored to suit each of these fibers at a specific price, and each of these fibers will be priced differently by changing their color, density, size and comb.  That’s why each carpet manufacturer has a different price list.  Among the fibers mentioned, acrylic heatsink fibers are the best and highest price among all the fibers used in carpets.  Acrylic fibers are technically very close to natural wool fibers.

 Carpet density:The second factor that affects the price of carpet is its density.  Density is the number of knots that are carved one meter in length.  And the higher the number of these nodes, the higher the price.  As the fiber density in the carpet increases as well as its weight increases.

 Machine Carpet Shoulder:The number of carpet combs is as effective as the number of carpets in determining the price of a carpet.  Shoulder The number of knots carved one meter in width is generally said to have a direct relationship with the number of shoulders and the number of densities with the price of the carpet.

 Number of colors used in carpet: The number of colors used in the carpet also has a direct relationship with the price of the carpet, which means that as the number of colors used in the carpet increases, the price of the carpet increases.

  Size of machine rugs: For carpet weights, standard dimensions or sizes are used, which are 12 meters, 9 meters, 6 meters and rugs, which are 12 meters by 9 meters and 9 meters by 6 meters and 6 meters by carpet, respectively.

Different varieties of Iranian carpets

Different varieties of Iranian carpets Beetle Jacket Design:The design, as its name implies, is based on a bat and a skirt.  In this carpet, tilting beetles can be seen in different shapes and sizes.  The beetle design is inspired by the cedar tree

King Abbasi’s plan:The main role of this type of carpet is formed by special flowers known as King Abbasi.  The design of this flower differs from that of other carpets.  A prominent feature of this carpet is the presence of many petals.  On the carpet side, there are branch and leaf designs, slims and khattis.

Adobe design:Carpets, also known as adobe carpets, have numerous frames in which different images can be seen.  It is like a wall full of photo frames that are all equally aligned.

Plan of the hunt: Iranian carpets can be identified by looking at their design and role.  The hunting design is the simplest carpet design that is easily recognizable.  The highlight of this design is the presence of a bow and arrow and a man on horseback.There are many plans that we are sorry to hear.

Machine made carpets and rugs at low prices

Machine made carpets and rugs at low pricesAffordable Carpet Model Carpet is a new design of machine rugs that are woven in several sizes.This cheap carpet is woven in Mashhad  factory and Kashan factory.The Banafsheh Carpet is a low-cost carpet but its quality is very good and affordable.Cheap carpet rugs are commonly used in bedrooms and work desks, student homes, garden homes and villas.Banafsheh carpets are one of the most expensive car rugs that have been widely welcomed in the bridal dowry.uses of carpet It has a decorative role and can be used for homes and villas.

How to find best machine made carpets in affordable prices?

How to find best machine made carpets in affordable prices?Buying a good carpet rug is one of the concerns that people usually have when buying furniture and accessories for a home.  Since carpets and carpets have an undeniable role in our lives, it is important to pay close attention when purchasing a carpet so that we can finally provide a carpet for home use that suits our needs.  Accordingly, several considerations are important when purchasing the right carpet for a home, such as carpet quality, carpet durability, the difference between hand-made and machine-made carpets, and carpet sensitivity.  Here are some tips for those interested in buying a good carpet.  Follow us on to carpet flooring It is one of the most beautiful carpets available in a variety of sizes and prices on the market.

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